Entry #49

Random Updates. New Animation, POKeMON, Starbomb and Ghostbusters!

2016-02-27 13:19:09 by ScaredyDave

Hey Everyone!

Let me show you the funny POKeMON thing first because that probably caught the mopst people's attention. So for my wedding, I have 6 groomsmen and my oldest brother is officiating the ceremony, so I thought it would be fun to send out invitations in a silly way. Hence I created this:


The way I sent out all the invitations was I singled out each Pokemon, put them on a slip that says "[person's name] I choose you!", and put those into Pokeballs and shipped them out. They all got a kick out of it and they all said yes (they all pretty much knew I was picking them anyway haha.) But yeah, this turned out really funny and figured you guys may enjoy it!


On to the thing that matters most, hey look at that! Im making a brand new animation one shot! Thats NOT a Scaredy Dave cartoon!


Now hey, you may notice, these characters and that name seem vaguely familiar? Where have I heard them before? Youre not crazy! (well, you may be, Im not here to judge) these characters and that name reference back to my 2010 TOFA animation "One Wish Upon a Star". Back when I was in TOFA, I wrote a script for Round 2 that was a D&D inspired animation for the theme "One Wish". Unfortunately, I thought maybe it was too detailed and would take me too long to finish for the Tournament, so I went with the one you know today, One Wish Upon a Star. Well recently I was on a nostalgia trip and found the original script I wrote! I decided it was funny and simple enough that, not having a deadline anymore, I could do it now. That and I needed a break from Scaredy Dave, Ive been working on it for like 4 years now and I needed something new. So yeah! Im also doing something new with this, the Background with be in CG. Im learning CG for work, and this was a good warm up before needing to use it for my career.


Speaking of suspicious segways about work, here's a fun picture of Scaredy Dave as a Ghostbuster.


Ill just let your mind wander as to what that all means. Otherwise its a fun picture!

This is old news now but Ive neglected to mention it, Ive also worked on the latest Starbomb Music Video "The Simple Plot of Metal Gear Solid" by the way. My name is in the credits and everything to prove it. Im officially a Yotta-er! Ive worked on two things with them and plan on doing more in the future because theyre a kickass group of fun talented people! Here are some screens of the shots I did.

3722374_145659706153_Screenshot_Shot16.jpg 3722374_145659707962_Screenshot_Shot18_02.jpg 3722374_145659709592_Screenshot_Shot19.jpg 3722374_145659711413_Screenshot_Shot36_01.jpg


And there ya go! Ive been a busy boy! I just figured Id update you all. Catch ya later!


-Dave Bruno.


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