Scaredy Dave Trailer up on Newgrounds!

2013-10-30 19:58:49 by ScaredyDave

Hey everybody!

So Ive been hard at work on Scaredy Dave, my new show on Youtube. "Whats Scaredy Dave?" you exclaim loudly to the universe, well, funny you should ask, because I just made a Trailer about it that you can watch right here on Newgrounds!

(That.... That link is here:

It is coming along very nicely, looks really good and moves smoothly with some great artwork. Thats why its taking so damn long! I wanted to be able to post SOMETHING about it by Halloween considering its material, so I whipped up this trailer with what I have done and for you to enjoy.

The Youtube Channel right now is a little sparse, it has the Prologue and all the Let's Plays done for Clock Tower on the SNES, I am hard at work on the Epilogue, which as you can see from stuff in the Trailer is looking pretty action packed. I wanted to bring out the big guns for the Epilogue to get people interested in the show, and boy did I ever!

You can get to the Youtube Channel here:

But the main thing for right now Id like to point your attention to is the Livestream. I do Livestreams as I animate the show, and I do cool things while I Livestream, like for instance lately I've been listening to Creepy Pastas (scary stories shared on the internet) while I animate because HALLOWEEN! I also have Livestreamed a couple games I probably wont be turning into Scaredy Dave episodes, so you can check those out there!

The Livestream account is here:

AND last but not least, if youd like a hub of where to go for when the Livestreams happen or when the Youtube channel gets updated, I have your back. Like the Facebook Fanpage!

Facebook Fanpage can be found here:

I hope you have as much fun watching my new show as I do making it. And also, I may be Livestreaming some more TONIGHT, so if you're curious, check it out around, oh, say, 8:00 California time? Otherwise Ill catch ya later Spooksters!

Scaredy Dave Trailer up on Newgrounds!


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2013-10-31 21:56:54

Looks pretty cool man can't wait to see it.


2013-11-02 06:01:03

Looks good!