I wanna make GAMES!

2013-03-09 04:11:55 by ScaredyDave

So Disney announced they have no plans in the immediate future for making 2D animated films, which leads me to officially announce something a few of you already know. In light of recent events like the PS4 announcement and seeing what the game Destiny by Bungie is doing (Disney shunning 2D had nothing to do with this decision as I made it like a month ago, but this further endorses my mood shift), Ive had a change of heart when it comes to what Id like to do with my future. If you asked me a while ago what my dream job would be, I would have said "An animator at Warner Bros animation!", but that just isn't true anymore.

Ive decided that I would like to learn CG and continue my career in the Game Industry, and to one day work on a game that all of you would pre order for a console system. Ive worked in the Game Industry for a few years now (WMS Gaming and Lightside Games, yeah they aren't for consoles, but they are still Games and thus are definitely considered part of the Game Industry and are acknowledged as such) and I can honestly say I really enjoy animating and creating art for video games more than I enjoyed making animations. Its fast paced and ever changing, and I like that.

So yeah, just thought you all should know. Doesn't mean I'VE sworn off 2D animation, I would still like to animate fun shorts in my spare time, but Im not striving to get a career doing it anymore. Id also still like to animate in 2D for games if I could, I just figured learning CG would help me get jobs that work on Console games.

That being said,I currently want to help make a game with someone on the side. Like if anyone needs a 2D animator/artist for their game and they want to pitch their idea to me, Id be happy to think it over and help out. I use Flash CS6 mainly so if you need an artist that uses that for your game, feel free to ask me. If youd like to see my game work, check out my website at www.DaveBrunoAnimation.com. I also have some really cool ideas for games to make, but Im thinking of keeping those to myself until the right opportunity arises. I like working on cartoonier stuff, preferably non pixel art but Im willing to make exceptions if necessary. Something very simple to start out I think as I already have a full time job making a complex game for Facebook.

And there you have it! Give me an email or a PM if youre interested!


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2013-03-09 04:15:21

Well, if you wanna make a game, I'm here. I also know After Effects and Cinema 4d.


2013-03-09 09:27:30

Have you done 3D Animation before? You should know it's a different ball game and though the animation principles still apply, it takes a long time to learn the software and become efficient at it.

ScaredyDave responds:

Yeah Ive made a few animations in 3D, nothing too complex, animated a very fun character walk thats on my demo reel and Ive done some lip syncing with my brother's rig. So Ive dabbled in it, but its been a while so Ill need to refresh myself. I was thinking of either taking some online coarses with Animation Mentor of Gnomon, or going the cheap and easy route of buying tutorial DVDs or just plain Youtubing it haha.


2013-03-09 12:20:14

Dude, I have been looking for an artist, based on your description I think you will really like working on on my game. Hit me up, I will tell you all about it if you want some work to do.


2013-03-09 15:18:38

I've been thinking about teaming up with an artist and finishing the now huge mound of games i have going on. I hadnt considered it before, but maybe it would be for the best and just fun to try sometime.


2013-03-09 19:51:58

Careful with the gaming industry, it is nothing like what most people think of it as.

As for CG, you'll find both pleasant and not-so-pleasant differences between that and traditional or flash works as you learn more.

-With CG, re-using content is much easier. Once you build something, you don't have to fiddle with it much again!

-But... making stuff almost always takes longer in 3d than in traditional media. So, if you want to do quick-release one-shot parodies in 3d, it is probably going to take you a lot more time to do than if it was done in 2d. However, if you're doing a series of shorts that re-use the same characters and environments, 3d will be MUCH faster than 2d.

Learning 3d animation/design takes a lot of work, but at least knowing 2d animation does transfer somewhat decently into 3d.

Good luck!


2013-03-10 10:12:51

I wanted to make cartoons when I was like 12, but then I tried making games and liked it a lot more.
You have to code and design and test n build systems instead of just drawing drawing drawing drawing drawing until you're dead.


2013-03-11 01:12:01

I could use the help on my Reincarnation series. I'm in need of some help with all the animation. If you are interested, please send me a PM.